I can’t say enough about Dr. Bartone and the staff at Greenpoint. I have a history of breast cancer in my family so when I began having pains in my breast, I was naturally concerned. I tried to go through my family doctor to get examined through the traditional avenues. However, when I called the office, I wasn’t going to be able to get in for several weeks. I have dealt with Greenpoint in the past and was extremely pleased with their expertise, professionalism and care. I called the office and was able to have the thermography done that day. Typically, it takes a couple of days to read the scan and get my results back. I imagine Dr. Bartone and Yvonne saw the level of concern, stress and anxiety that I was having and they emailed me the same afternoon with great results. I’ve had a great experience multiple times with Dr. Bartone, Yvonne and Daniel, and I’ve gotten the personalized care that I don’t normally see from the medical profession.  Thank you for going the extra mile, addressing my situation quickly and bringing me peace of mind.–Rose, Tampa

Greenpoint Thermography  is so professional, polite, and on top of things.  I had called inquiring about thermograms when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I asked about specials or discounts, and later explained that I was out of work,  Greenpoint suggested the grant.   They made the process easy to apply to receive a grant from the UBCF.  They are so gracious and knowledgeable, it has been a pleasant process from beginning to end.   UBCF and Greenpoint have afforded me a way to take care of my body, and given me peace of mind during a turbulent time.  It is a relief to know I will have continuing care in this journey.   My heartfelt thanks to you both! —Marnie, Clearwater

“I can’t thank Yvonne and Daniel enough for their thoughtfulness, kindness, and professionalism. They both went the extra mile to advise me of a grant opportunity so that I could receive thermographic images; alternative care that is not covered by my insurance. They have restored my hope in the existence of health care, as did Dr. Lisa Marsh, who hosted the mobile thermography service in her amazing Holistic Center for Vibrant Health. I can’t wait to return to both centers to take advantage of the other available preventative health services.”  — Carrie, Bayonet Point, FL

The experience with Greenpoint Thermography has well exceeded my expectations.   I had heard about thermography a few times over the years and had seen information in Natural Awakenings and called to get the fee and more information.   Daniel was very informative and was able to answer all of my questions.   He sent me information via e-mail and even sent a notice regarding a mobile offering to save money that was available.   A few weeks had gone by and he called to see if I was ready to set an appointment and I confided that money was indeed holding me back.   He informed me about grants that could be available and sent me the application.  His follow-up was awesome and he made sure I met the deadline to see if I qualified.   He called the next day to say I had qualified and set an appointment within two days.  All of the information on the procedure and preparation were sent expediently.   When I had stopped by the office to drop off the paperwork, I had the chance to meet Daniel and Dr. Bartone.  I felt welcomed and there was a true feeling of caring.   Dr. Bartone introduced himself as John and was very informal and made me feel very comfortable and he was willing to get to know me as a patient which is rarely the case in a Radiology type setting.   Daniel was stellar as my point of contact and I left the office hoping I could get the thermography.  When I arrived for my appointment, I was greeted in a friendly, warm manner by Yvonne, who was my technician.   She respectfully asked if I would mind a new graduate who was being trained, to be present for the exam.   I was very pleased they did not assume this would be ok, and I agreed to allow the other new tech to be present.   Yvonne explained everything very thoroughly about what would happen and the equipment and when to expect the report, etc.   She was very patient and soothing and interested in making sure I was comfortable and informed.   She was calming, kind, and caring.   The other technician just observed and was very professional about being the “observer.”  I felt as comfortable as I could be in the exam and left feeling I had a very positive experience.   Yvonne thanked me graciously for agreeing to the technician being there as well as for being part of the grant.   The report came as promised and it was password protected and easy to read. This is an extraordinary practice with a diagnostic tool to be utilized whenever indicated.   Greenpoint Thermography is a great place to have a thermography exam with an impressive professional staff who really cares and wants to be of service. I feel very blessed to have met these wonderful people and caring professionals. — Kathryn, St. Petersburg