Initial breast thermogram -your very first visit


Three month breast follow-up thermogram – essential for establishing your thermal baseline prior to commencing annual screening


Annual breast thermogram -after your thermal baseline has been established


Breast Baseline Package [*] -includes initial breast thermogram and three month follow-up


Breast First Year Package [*] -includes initial breast thermogram, three month follow-up, and first annual breast thermogram


Single Region of Interest (ROI) -head/neck, thyroid, chest, abdomen/pelvis, back, upper extremities or lower extremities


Two ROI package [*]


Three ROI package [*]


Upper Body with Breast Region -whole body excluding lower extremities


Upper Body without Breast Region


Whole Body with Breast Region


Whole Body without Breast Region


Ultrasound breast, thyroid, right upper quadrant abdomen, kidneys, abdominal aorta


Ultrasound abdomen, carotid artery


Assessment for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
-includes imaging of upper or lower extremities plus cold stressing
-if after assessment of the initial images it is determined that cold stressing is not required, the charge will be $400.00


Greenpoint utilizes the Meditherm Med2000 IRIS Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging System.  Meditherm products are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.  You can search the FDA database here.  The Meditherm FDA Manufacturer registration number is: 3006111110.

[*] Payment of packages due in full at time of initial service.